Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Marriage discrimination: Not in our name.

To the extent that opposite sex couples are stakeholders in the same sex marriage debate we just arent being well represented.

The official Christian lobby groups would have the government believe the majority of opposite sex couples see their relationships as radically different from loving same-sex relationships and under threat from marriage equality. I see my relationship as fundamentally the same as a loving same sex relationship (as do many Christians in fact).

Please add your name to the comments section below if you are a) in a heterosexual relationship b) married or contemplating marriage and c) in agreeance with the statement (obviously).

Our marriage happens to be (or will be) heterosexual but that's not the point of our marriage.
What really defines (or will define) our marriage is love and committment not being man and woman.
You won't be defending our marriages definition by excluding same sex couples from marriage.
In fact marriage equality allows our definition of marriage to be finally fully recognized alongside others. In a multicultural society that should be our right and the right of same sex couples.


  1. Lenka Schirmer and Tony Camilleri

  2. whatever the pursuasion, wouldn't most people satisfy a,b or c?
    it's a trick to get more names, damn.. that means you fooled me

  3. Jamin, It's a) b) AND c) not OR.
    There's a lot of people excluded by just one condition who I'm not asking to sign on. They should check out http://ido.org.au for a more general petition.
    This is for married girl boy couples (or marriage contemplaters) who don't see their relationship as any different from a same sex relationship with the same love and commitment.

  4. oops, AND/OR logic error.

    I think I understand now, I'm not married, but it's crossed my mind on the odd occasion.

    So I think I still satisfy a,b&c.