Monday, April 14, 2014

Pinocchio's Easter

When I was created
By the swathe of a carving knife.
my creator loved me so much
that the blue fairy gave me life

But once I could walk
I kicked my creator in the knee
I ran away laughing
So he came looking for me

He took on the Leviathan to find me
So how could he fall ill?
A tower of a Father
Broken by a chill

My rebellion broke then too
How could it not, in his weakness
When he had loved me most of all
in my worst insolence

He is my Father now twice over
I owe him twice my life
No less because he can
no longer grip a carving knife

For he is more than what he can do
As we are more than just his toys
From learning this I have become
A real live boy.


This poem has been my first post for a while. I am distracted by both a return to university to study to be a secondary school teacher and a return in another way. My partner and I are having our second child due this week. 

There are many post worthy topics in my head however. For example the recent Noah movie raised fascinating moral questions about humanities collective guilt towards the environment; Is collective guilt a useful notion? Is our human collective survival anything that might matter to you?

I also finally obtained and finished a William Stringfellow book "An Ethic for Christians and Other Aliens in a Strange Land" and it warrants a review. I'm going to try and finish Walter Winks "Unmasking the Powers: The invisible forces" next. Being a uni-student gives me access to all this.

Then there are some of the interesting issues raised in my course. Technology in education is a big one.

But don't expect much from me soon. With my first teaching rounds and my second baby I will be happily busy.