Thursday, January 30, 2014

The story of our world.

In my last post I asked for submissions of origin stories. The goal is to publish ones which don't contradict our observations of the world and which respond to what we do see. A part of that is the values that matter to us. It's my contention that the Adam and Eve story doesn't meet these requirements - at least as well as it might. That leaves us with a challenge in cultures that have predominantly used that story to understand the meaning of their humanity.

Here is my draft. Enjoy.


Rascetane vatre by 

The Zippidydooda was completely sovereign over everything in the greater world, from the slightest breeze across a planets plains to the movement of constellations. Everything in the greater world was a precise demonstration of the Zippidydooda’s wishes. 

Like a child artist the Zippidydooda made amazing creations. They worked on the grandest of scales and the tiniest. But the creatures they created were merely automatons – complex and marvelous but still machines.

Out of curiosity the Zippidydooda withdrew its control from one corner of this greater world. They sealed this corner off from the controlled universe and allowed a portion of the stuff of the greater world within it to do what it willed. Thus our world came into being. But our world did little but blob about.

The Zippidydooda then took a portion of its own mind, energy with will but without any consciousness, and added it to our world. Their playfulness was now reflected in our world. Subsequently a variety of energy emerged. And from that variety of energy matter emerged. And from that matter came different forms. And one of those forms was life.

But the Zippidydooda was concerned with what they had done. What had they lost of themselves and would it be returned the same? That concern entered our world which is why although we love change we fear we cannot bear it.

The life in our world was not as fantastic as what the Zippidydooda could create when it employed its will elsewhere. The life in our world was still small and simple and looked set to remain so. The Zippidydooda was tempted to intervene. And because they were still playful and young they did. The Zippidydooda caused sex.

Immediately afterwards they regretted their intervention for it was born of impatience. The Zippidydooda was coming to respect the freedom of this world but they were still eager for excitement. This is why in our world sex is so fraught with conflicting emotions even today. It speaks to our natures playfulness but carries the weight of changing others.

With sex in the world life exploded in variety. This included beings of diverse intelligences. That many of those beings loved others of those beings astounded the Zippidydooda. The Zippidydooda watched and learnt. The Zippidydood was humbled by what they saw. Until one day they realized something truly amazing; they had fallen in love with this world. That was our gift to our creator.

Their love was still young when the Zippidydooda intervened in our world again. The saw our own hearts break at death or the collapse of endeavors. Unable to merely watch when beings in this world suffered, the Zipidydooda gave us hope. This way no defeat could be total.

Immediately afterwards they doubted their decision for they saw that it could lead us into danger again and again. This is why we will always believe in a better future. This is also why we are able to see that sometimes our hope is our folly.

Finally the time came for the Zippidydooda to renew themselves. This would enable their existence to continue but meant that all they had created would be wiped clean. The Zippidydooda had done this before countless times. This time however was different. This time the Zippidydooda was in love.

A choice had to be made; to renew and start creating again in its eternal cycle, or not to renew and to allow our world to continue for a long time but not ever. The Zippidydooda knew it could make a copy of our world but such a copy would never be free from design. Or they could hope our world re-emerged by chance. But the Zippidydooda did not just love the idea of our world. It loved it in particularity.

Thus the Zippidydooda did not renew itself and passed into its own great silence. Our world will know its own decay as all worlds must but its end will be millennia later than it could have been. This was our creators final gift to us.


In summary;

We (this universe) are special because we are free.
We are playful to our core.
We are conflicted over change, sex and hope.
We have taught love to our creator and been loved by them in return.
We owe our existence to that love.

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